Konacha Teabags

KEIKO Konacha is a mix of tea leaves, buds and tea dust from the April and May harvest. It is an ideal teabag to carry along to the office, in the spa, on your travels or just when you are too busy to brew tea in a Japanese teapot. Some call it their Posh green teabag. Expect a strong and gorgeous green in the cup with mild aroma. 

Recommended Preparation:

First infusion: 70-75°C, 60-90s

Second infusion: 70-75°C, 15s

Third infusion: 70-75°C, 30s

Caffeine: Medium
Harvest: First and Second Flush, April and May
Each pack comes in flat teabags of 10x 0.07oz/ 2g.



$9.90 USD

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