Bancha (First Flush)

While the Bancha is typically the last sorted batch of teas, KEIKO Bancha is like no other. This is a Bancha from the first flush, bringing with it the sweet and delicate flavours of fresh spring, through carefully selected leaves and stems. 

A great start for those looking for an everyday tea or starting on their maiden voyage with  Japanese green tea.

Expect a light green infusion with sweet harmonious taste.

Recommended Preparation:

First infusion: 65-70°C, 40 to 50 s

Second infusion: 65-70°C, 15 s

Third infusion: 65-70°C, 30 s

Caffeine: Low

Harvest: First Flush, April


Keiko North America does not stock all items at all times. Estimated time of shipping is approximately two weeks from order date.

Tags: May Harvest
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