Matcha Chocolate - made with real green tea!

"Green Kiss" Green Tea Matcha Chocolate Bars - Pack of 15

If you are a green tea lover and love green tea chocolates, the KEIKO 'Green Kiss' Green Tea Matcha Chocolate Bars are definitely a must have!

Unlike commercial matcha chocolates that are only green tea flavoured, this is made with 100% organic ingredients including organic cocoa butter, organic milk powder and real organic KEIKO matcha and green tea leaves, giving it a delectable and distinct aroma. 

A fine bitter-sweetness in a chocolate, combined with crunchy bits of green tea leaves, this is a delicacy that will satisfy any green tea cravings and makes a yummy mid-day pick-me-up snack. 

Each bar is pocket size. Sold in pack of 15 pieces.

Keiko North America does not stock all items at all times. Estimated time of shipping is approximately two weeks from order date.

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