Kabusé Tenbu Fuka (First Flush)

Likened to a sweet Gyokuro, this delicious organic, half shaded green tea comes from the early April picking. Like a "Dance in Heaven", a rarity even in Japan, finely balanced between a rich umami and delicate sweetness. The perfect exquisite gift for those you treasure.

Experience a very soft and flowery aroma without a trace of bitterness. Lively scent and deep green in the cup. Full bodied and long lasting aroma. This 100% premium high and rare quality green tea is a wonderful surprise even for connoisseurs of the best Japanese teas.

Recommended Preparation:

First infusion: 60-65°C, 60s

Second infusion: 60-65°C, 15s

Third infusion : 60-65°C, 15s

Fourth infusion: 60-65°C, 15s

Fifth infusion: 60-65°C, 30s

Harvest: First Flush, Early April

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